6 abr. 2016

You never know

Someone told me once that you never know. And is true, in general you don,t  know what is gonna happen with nothing, life, love, friends, work. You can make plans, organize everything, dream with that perfect day…and everything can be blown up in a second. Otherwise it can happen the other way round…the moment you less expect something good to happen, you suddenly get it.  That,s the magic face of life, you can plan but you don,t decide.

When I was in England I learnt something about hospitality world. I got vocabulary, useful expressions, how to (try) to deal with annoying people..(I was never good with that..) and a lot of things that I,d never thought were going to be of any help in the future. Now I laugh when I remember myself waking up 4 in the morning to open the breakfast service or going to bed the same hour (and later) after a nightmare of  dinner. (Not to mention how much fun was to hoover the thick and dirty carpets of the rooms when you barely had energy even to be standing up).
I did my best with the english althought I didn,t have many chances to go to classes ( why is learning a language so costly?) and I stood much much more cloudy and rainy days that I thought I,d be able to.
But maybe everything was a part of a plan.  I,d like to think like that. As soon as I was back at home I started to work in places where english was needed and this week, in my new communication job, I was asked to help to translate some documents.
I just could smile when I read them. Everything was about working inside a hotel, hospitality again. All the vocabulary was really familiar for me, I knew what they were talking about. I felt happy doing that work and I understood that if you try hard, sooner or later you will have your reward.

Because you never know.

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