21 nov. 2015

Mr. Uncertainty

One month to be back. I have no doubts about leaving UK but is impossible not to think about what is yet to come. I am heading to my fourth december here, the weather is freezing as usual, and I positive know I.d never get use to this culture. So...¿whats the weird feeling which is shouting from my stomach?. I have learnt to ignore it as I know nothing good would came up of staying here longer, but I know what it is, is my old friend Mr.Uncertainty. That powerful sensation that makes you dizzy even lying down and makes you wonder if as the song say 'everything is gonna be all right'. It might be and it might not, times are hard for everyone and in Spain we know a lot about that. But you know what...if you dont try, you never know....!!. And my stage here is already gone.
But overall...the 'risk' is totally worthy. When you emigrate you meet a lot of different people, you learn about a lot of cultures and you enjoy the laughable situations that life brings to you almost everyday (I could write not one, but at least two books with all of my experiences). But it will never be the same, no matter how many people you know, how good is the job you can eventually get or the money you are paid...
Your roots will always remember you where you come from. And I come from a place where the sun is always shining, the breeze gives you a nice red on your cheeks, the people talk quite straight, the happiness is around a table with friends and family and we are always keen to a party (any problem at all?).
Needless to say I am gonna leave a bunch of good friends here but I am quite sure we will see each other again (Thank you, Ryanair). And not, my spanish friends, I am not writing in english because I am one of this cool people who wanna show up how much they,ve learnt (or how little, hehe) but because I am 100% sure the very moment I put a feet on Málaga my brain will switch off this language for my dear Andalusian so I am really trying to practise on every second !.
Que ya habrá tiempo para hablar una 'pechá' de español, no?. Vamos que nos vamos!

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