5 dic. 2014

...And thats why I am writing in english

It has passed more than a month since the last time I wrote. I find difficult to make the time for seating, be quiet, relax and tell you more about this english life which has turned to be an unforgettable experience. Last week I said to myself: you.ve to come back to write, to remember why you love the meaning of each word, why (even though now it seems to be far) you became a journalist. Is easy to fall into rutine, to leave all your dreams for tomorrow, to think that maybe is already late. But suddenly, you realize another year is coming, the third away from home, and that thought makes me tremble. So I decided to start with something quite easy: as my laptop is broken, I.d buy a keyboard for my tablet . So at least, I could write some lines. And I started to do it some minutes ago. Just one little problem: Belen you are in UK and this people dont use accents in their grammar. Bloody hell. Even my name sounds so different. But I am brave, I dont mind how many mistakes I might be doing in this text; writing is my way of communicating and not any keyboard is gonna change it. Today is 5th and just in a couple of weeks I will be enjoying the rumour of the waves, the sun, the home made food and my family. I cannot wait, and even face again to a flight sounds sweet.  

Happy Christmas for you all,  lets make 2015 a special one.

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